Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Latest bike just finished!


  1. un vero spettacolo complimenti per il progetto a mio avviso riuscitissimo!!

  2. you are faster than I am :-) well done. I just got the painting done on tank and plastics. Still need to but everything apart to paint frame and motor.

  3. Faster?? I have just waited 3 months to get my front wheel re-laced and powdercoated, and now I am told another 6 weeks to get front 120 tyre into Australia Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  4. Hello
    it's so beautiful again
    It's too hard to me to have any parts.
    I'm living to the reunion island,and i'm waiting for the rear plastic and seat for 6 weeks..
    i don't speak you about the price..
    But i want the same bike
    How did you use like part for the carburator (jet and spin)

  5. Thanks for the kind words everybody.
    Your bikes will be well worth the wait i can assure you, theres nothing quite like riding a bike nobody else has and built by you.

    The carb mods include raising the needle 1mm by using a washer, and replacing the main jet with at least a 180 or even a 190.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck!!

  6. Hi Andrew, just the style of bike I am looking for, can you build me one to order on a commission basis? please get back to me and let me know.

  7. hello
    thanks for the reply..
    I've biginning the work , but i've any problem with the fuel tank.
    I've choose a CB125S, no good
    Somebody i've an idea where i can to pick an 125 CG it's so very hard to get one.
    did you know if an CB125 K5 will be good...
    I've receipt my seat ,and rear panel, no bad

  8. Excellent work !
    I'm doing a dominator street tracker on Advrider at the moment. Have tried a couple of tanks but not happy with either. Do you know of a supplier for new cg125 tanks ? Cheers, Phil

  9. hello

    have meet the same problem ,but i've just found one in a french site (le bon coin).
    May be you could get one in china
    i left you two : @mail address
    good luck.



  10. You can now get replica chinese copy tanks. They were producing CG125 copies so the tanks would great as they are brand new!

  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-YAMASAKI-YM125-3-Commuter-Chinese-copy-CG125-CRATE-/370627157015?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item564b199c17

  12. Hi Andrew:
    First of all, I´m in love with your bikes and your good taste, congrats!!!
    I´m wondering if it´s possible to do the same with SLR or Vigor versions, don´t know if they´re available in your country, but they are in Europe. I guess the chasis is the same, and you also already have the 19´front wheel.
    Do you think it´s possible?
    Thanks a lot.
    Keep teaching and sharing with us! ;-)

  13. Hi tincho, thanks for the compliments.
    The slr650 would be an excellent choice, like you said the 19 inch front end and generally lower stance would mean less work for sure. The rear frame section is different to a dominator though but should still be possible.

  14. hola donde puedo conseguir las piezas para este proyecto, puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo por favor, ermariana@hotmail.com

  15. Hey Andrew - another cracking build mate! Mine is coming along and I started it up for the first time since complete strip down today. It runs! Bonus.
    So. I wonder if you could help me with something on the tank - I cannot for the life of me find a vented cap to fit the CG125 tank... Where do you find yours? Many thanks!! Aaron.

    1. Hi Aaron, the fuel cap is still made by honda part number - 17620-428-020.
      Should fit all early cg125 tanks, and will also fit chinese version cg125's.

  16. Hey Andrew
    what kind of spray paint did you used for the engine...

    1. Hi eric, simoniz engine enamel was used on the engine this time(silver) all black engines were painted with MOTIP exhaust paint. Both were aerosol tin types.

  17. Ciao backtracker... Complimenti per la realizzazione di questi fantastici modelli!!!
    Vorrei chiederti se per abbassare l'avantreno hai utilizzato solo il cerchio da 17" con pneumatico 120/90 e sfilato le forcelle,oppure sei intervento su qualcos'altro.

  18. hello backtracker.
    your motorbike is fantastic.

    I bought a Dominitor 1990 three months ago. In this moment i had found a fuel tank, side panel and instrumentation.
    I have some questions:
    1) the front wheel (17x2,5). I didn't find it. What kind of bike is the front wheel? or the wheel is built with original hub, new ring (17x2,5) and new spokes?
    2) Is the handlebar original?

    Thank you....
    I will send you some photos during my work.

    1. Hi, stock hubs, rims and spokes from central wheels midlands.

  19. I'd like to congratulate you for your EXCELLENT WORK!!!
    This bike is a piece of art!!!
    Also it is an inspiration for me.I have a '99 black nx650 dominator and I've pimped it a bit but i'd like to make some more modifications,in order to make it unique.

    Could you help me with the headlight?Where could i find a headlight like the one that you have put onto this motorcycle?

    Thank you in advance!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Headlight supplied by baja designs usa.

    2. Do you need a stator rewind with that 8" baja?

  20. Hello
    Can you sold mee seat?

  21. Just wondered if those are the stock NX front forks? If so how did you lower them?

    1. Yes all standard, lower by taking the top tube caps off and removing the spacer, replace the cap and pull the fork tubes through the yokes approx 30mm, this should give you the drop you need.

  22. Hello backtracker. On first place i have to say you that your bikes are awesome, i really like them.

    I like to ask you wich exaust is mounted on this version. The double looks great.

    And for those who ask for the tank, i´ve purchased this on ebay, brand new, i think its good for our bikes:


    1. Hi, front pipes are stock rears are Honda crf250.

  23. Hi Andrew, do you know the reference of the red color you've used for this bike ?
    Thank you

  24. This is truly a piece of art.

    I have a simple question to you:
    -Can you please tell me how can you put the motor as "new" ?

    First sand blaster, then paint? (What paint?)

    Thank you very much.

  25. No sandblasting! Just a wire brush, 400 grade paper and a few hours. I use high temperature paint made by promatic. Very nice finish and no need for primer.

  26. backtracker
    hi very very wanderful bike !
    can you make a list or maby a tutorial and post or give me e-mail ? i wannt to buy and make one bike like yours !

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind words.
      within the archives of this blog is a build guide to my bikes.

  27. Hi ya, you might remember me, you got a frame from my mate in Swindon a while back, so my question is as i'm now in the process of getting on with the build, what size main jet in the carb did you use and did you have play around with the needle setting's using a foam ram air filter ? you did tell me but i've forgotten doh ! Cheer's Ernie

  28. Just to say I now own this bike, bought it today and its awesome ,nick

  29. hi baccktracker,,how r ya..hay i must say i love your work man its awsome never seen anything like it...i live in australia and have a fully rebuilt dommie motor...just woundering is the back gard and seat are after market or were i could get them...thanks heaps mate...look forwerd to ya reply...

  30. do you know where can i get the cg 125(br) 4 stroke tank? or any other bike which could fit into cg? I wanna custom into cafe racer but the tank.. its hard to find.. not like the old version :(

  31. Hi backtracker ... Congratulations on these great models!!!
    I would like to ask you whether to lower the front end you only used the 17 \rim with tire 120\/90 and paraded the forks, or are you working on something else.
    Thank you.

  32. Hi Backtracker
    First off Great Bikes!! Id been Admiring your builds for some time and then happened on one on ebay!! didn't know it was yours tbh but after I bought it and was looking back at yours for some inspiration i recognised the reg!.I own this very bike although it does look quite different now!
    It now lives as my island toy on the iow.
    Unfortunately it had zero paperwork when I got it and ive seen on bike exif that it was a 7500 mile bike when built but would you have any other maybe usefull info for me as I now plan on keeping this bike long term it would be nice to try and build a bit of history.
    Kind Regards

  33. Hi Chris, not a lot I can say really, it's difficult to remember each build but I always select low mileage bikes for my projects and completely replace or refund every nut and bolt. As yours is now a few years down the road I can only hope it's still in good shape.
    Sorry I can't be of more help.
    Best of luck.
    Many thanks.