Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Couple of new pics...


  1. Hello fella. Loving your builds... having a go at my own Dommy here and finding your how to guide very useful. One thing I hoped you might help with - the tyre sizes you mention - front - tkc80 120/90/19.. I can't find anywhere!!! Can you gimme a clue?! Many thanks!!! Aaron.

  2. Hi, thanks for the compliments, the tyre size should 110 x 80 x 19.
    Good luck with your build.

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  4. Hi backtracker
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Could you clarify a couple of things
    Front wheel is it a 19x2.5" or 17x 2.5"
    The tyres you get need to be rears on both front and back - correct?
    The copper caliper paint what brand is it

  5. Hi paul,

    the first two bikes (red with silver engine and silver with green side panel number backgrounds)were both 19 x 1.85 front rims, the other two had 17 x 2.5 front rims and yes the front tyres are actually originally "rear" tyres.
    Not too sure on the colour code for the copper caliper paint but i think i bought it from halfords, it's not high heat paint either, almost all paints are good for 180 degrees.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck with the build.

  6. Hi Backtracker,
    i'm from Poland and i love yours bike. I gonna build something very similar.I would like to ask you if would be possible to send me some more pictures or something like that which can help him with his project.Regards Adam kraft90@gmail.com

  7. Hi BT,
    Are you using the original fork gaitors? Cause mine look like crap when i stuck the fork through and took the spacer out...

  8. Hi adam, only have the pics on here sorry, good luck with the build.

  9. Hi zoran, no i did not use the original gaiters, you wou will need to get some shorter ones.

  10. Hi BT, yours bike are really wonderful!!!

    may i know where i can find yours gaiters?
    I have bought someone, but they are not beautiful as yours!

    thanks a lot

  11. Backtracker can you help me with the gaiters?


    1. Hi davide, the gaitors were simple universal type from ebay, just measure the fork leg diameter and chrome leg diameter and the length, then match them up with the ebay universal ones available.

  12. Ok thanks BT, now I have found them!


    if you want, I can send you some pictures of my bike.... but I need your email!

  13. Hi Backtracker,

    Really like you bikes. Do you sell them?
    What's the price?
    Please reply to: krister@neiling.se

  14. Hi! Nice bikes. Where do you get these vintage dirtbike sidepanels?

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