Saturday, 8 February 2020

Latest bike complete!

Seemed to take forever to get this one done due to work getting in the way!
Couple of differences on this one including a very smart chrome tank and a rear mudguard/fender.
The exhaust is a one - off scrap yard special from 3 different bikes.
Taking for MOT soon as i get a day off ready for the summer !!!!!!!!!!


  1. looks awesome man nice job there

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  3. Hi Andy, fantastic looking bike. I am in the process of building my own version and was wondering about the downpipes/headers on this last build. I read somewhere that these are CB500 2in1 pipes. I have been searching the internet for a set of downpipes/headers like the ones in your build to go with an aftermarket muffler but cannot find any info on existing ones that can fit (maybe with a bit of tweaking). All nice custom builds seem to use custom headers which I cannot afford. Would something like the DELKEVIC CB500 (94-03) 2in1 fit my 95 NX650? Would it require a lot of modification? Thanks in advance (

  4. hi love these builds, presume those are elsinore side covers? anyone selling these for reasonable prices or do you have a garage full of NOS spares :-)

  5. Hi thanks,
    Side panels are reproduction, got these from either DC plastics in America or a vintage Mx supplies company in the Netherlands whose name escapes me right now.

  6. Long time listener, first time caller.

    Your builds are really inspiring and am wondering how much fabrication work is involved in getting the tanks to fit