Saturday, 16 November 2019

Latest project update

This one is taking longer due to work commitments but hope to have all done for Christmas.


  1. Hi Andy, I’m a huge fan of your work. Hoping to get some advice on my own NX650 scrambler projectc, finally finished after four years! I was wondering if you’ve found the much smaller ID of the CG 125 tank petcock versus the stock NX650 petcock to restrict fuel flow adversely? My NX650 only had 4000 miles and ran excellently before I started. But now on my first test rides, it is overheating over 300° and stalling. Seems like a carburetion issue. I’ve removed the stock smog crap, and installed a small K & N filter like everyone else. Still have the stock carburetor. Thanks Pete

  2. Hi Pete, good to hear your almost done, sounds to me like you need to put some bigger jets in, try a 155 main and a 60 idle, also raise the needle a touch, should be ok but it's trial and error to get it spot on.
    The fuel tap is a bit of problem, I found installing an inline fuel filter with a decent size bowl helped as it would hold more fuel for when you do give it some.
    Hope this helps.... Good luck!

  3. Andy, Interested in your XL600R , is it still for sale ? If not could you build another ?


    1. Hi Paul, Dakar bike sold sorry,unable to build another right now due to work, also the cost would be quite high as donor bike prices are so much nowadays.

  4. Hi Andy, Thanks very much for this excellent advice! All of us NX650 project builders owe you a great debt for the information you have shared over the years from your extensive experience with these bikes. Cheers and much appreciated!