Thursday, 9 May 2019

Next project planned.

Nearly ten years ago I built my first custom bike using the NX650 Dominator as a base .
Since then many stock original bikes have been sacrificed in the process.
I think I have used around 12 or maybe more for this pursuit of a great riding and looking machine.
I'm not a 100%  sure on this but I think I was the first to use the dominator for these projects, a great many have also been used/slaughtered in the process by many many people seemingly all over the world.
So it is my intention to get hold of an original 1988 NX650 and completely restore it back to good as new and completely stock as it left the factory condition.
I'm very much looking forward to this next project as for me personally it will make a great change from stripping and cutting up yet another one of these fantastic bikes.

Hopefully it will look like this...….


  1. hi there random comment i just wanted to say i absolutely adore your projects to the point they have been my phone screen savers in the past i used to own a dommie unfortunately sold before i laid eyes on these projects always liked the idea of trying to do one but i know i lack the space time and knowledge to carry out a project,
    how long roughly does it take you to build one of these?
    i used to work in bridgend a while back and always wanted to see one bob past me maybe oneday i will.
    anyway just wanted to say a job well done on creating something amazing i will keep an eye on your progress good luck for future projects

  2. Many thanks for the very kind comments, nowadays I tend to work on the bikes in the winter time as work is quieter.
    Each build takes roughly between 300 and 400 hrs, I do have two projects at the moment, another custom dominator and a restoration.
    Thanks again for your comments.

    1. nice to know you got another dommie project in the line might have to start saving up now then haha cant wait to see your progress

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  4. How much would it cost from start to finish for one done in the hrc colours including bike cheers in advance

    1. Hi, busy with day job right now but planning to get into the workshop in the winter.
      Donor bikes are now quite expensive which does affect
      Price of course, I have been build a bike for myself and need to finish.
      Cost would be roughly between 8-10k.

    2. Cheers for that Andrew like you say the price of an original low mile one are going up keep up the good work pal