Sunday, 19 June 2011




  1. I really like the new bike. I've watched all your other builds with great interest since you built your first one. Any chance you could do a post with some build pics and comment on what your changed and improved on this bike?

    Keep up the good work. Cheers...

  2. What a bike ! Thx for this amazing work. And keep it one for a futur buyer ... ^^
    Regards from France !

  3. Hi Backtracker,

    Really like your bike! I'm getting parts for something similar. It seems that I can't find CG125 fuel tank (like yours). I need your help with finding link to buy it (in UK preferably). I would really appreciate that you answer me as soon as possible, 'cause it turned out that's the only part I'm missing.

    Best regards!

  4. Hi,

    thanks for the kind words,

    ILY - bike will be for sale soon, watch this space!

    tramontana - the tanks are now being used on the chinese copy of the original honda cg125, you should be able to pick one up on ebay.

    good luck.

  5. Another GREAT looking bike.I also have watched the other builds with great interest.
    Has this one got a 17" front wheel or have you used a 19" again.
    What Wheel and Tyre sizes are you running on this version.

    cheers adi...

  6. Hi adi,

    This one has a 2.5" x 17" front rim with a 120 rear tyre. the rear is the standard 2.5" x 17" with a 140 tyre.
    Hope this helps and thanks again to everyone for the kind comments.

  7. Hi, I love your bikes, did you find a UK stockist for the trail tech/baja designs headlamps or did you order them from the US?
    Also, how did you get them road legal? did you fit H4 hi/los? I am a bit stuck as I need road legal lighting for winter, but love the look of these 8" trail lights.


  8. Hi, your work is just amazing. I started modifying a dominator but unsure as to how to best fit the fuel tank (it's a 125 CG 78-84 I got from ebay) as the petrol tap hits the side of the frame and the end of the tank also touches the frame in the middle section. Did you have to enlarge the space underneath the tank somehow ? Also I don't get to include the oil tank hook on the side of the frame and keep the fuel tanked spaced correctly on both sides of the frame. Any more hints that you have on your blog will surely help...

  9. Hi major,
    the headlights so far have only been available from Baja designs directly unfortunately.
    The first bike i built passed its MOT the other day with the racelight fitted, the tester said it wasn't a requirement to have high and low beams so long as the beam is within range.

  10. Hi poirier,

    In order for the tank to fit you have to remove all mounts from the frame and the tank itself. The tank should then be pushed as far forward up to oil filler neck. The tap should then be in front of the frame, it is tight but you should be ok. The tank will now be sitting on the frame towards the rear, you will need to cut into the tank in order to allow for it to drop, once you have removed enough of the tank you will have to fabricate some plates and weld it all back up ensuring tightness of course. The oil breather outlet at headstock on the right hand side can be pushed into the frame tightly with the pipe attached, this should give you the right clearance.

    Good luck!

  11. what different you have found beetwen 17" front wheel and 19" front wheel of previus bike , i want know like drive on the road
    tanks by Andrea

  12. Hi andrea,

    17" front is fine, very little difference in handling, plenty of grip off the fat tyre also.


  13. Nice build again, ever thought about using a xr600r instead of a dominator? Should be interesting since the xr has some nice aluminium parts and a more agressive engine.

  14. hi modder,
    yes i have considered the xr and do have a very project in mind for one, the only downside is the lack of powerful electrics and electric start, but with that said it would make for a pretty quick stripped-out backroad blaster.

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  16. excellent technical and creative work man!

  17. hello

    what cans are you using on this 2-1 exhaust?, i have the same but can find an exhaust that fits



  18. Hey mate, love your work and I'm about to finish my own, thanks to you. Was wondering what color that Red is. Also what Jets did you use on your Projects, 55/178? Thanks for inspiring me, Keep the good work up, love to see your streettracker no20 ;)